Monday, August 23, 2010

You know what is better than Comcast Cable? Why DIRECTV of course!

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Okay, so when comparing Comcast Cable and DIRECTV.....

DIRECTV certainly is above and beyond what I would expect in a cable company.

The reason for this blog post?  Well, I am going to be moving my business soon to a different place.  Of course, I just HAVE to keep the channels that will interest my clients!  So who would I pick when choosing a cable company?  Well it would certainly be DIRECTV.  DIRECTV for Business.

I am going to give you five reasons why DIRECTV is better for business:

1.  90% of businesses have reported that DIRECTV sports programming increased their business.
2.  Watching DIRECTV certainly shortens a customer or client's wait time.
3.  Customers and clients will have the opportunity to watch exlcusive programming you just cannot see on regular cable television!
4.  The most full-time channels are in HD.
5.  And of course -- DIRECTV is #1 in customer satisfaction, as it has been always!

Those are the reasons why DIRECTV is the best choice overall.  After all, DIRECTV always will enhance customers and clients' experience with the best news, entertainment, and sports!  Your customers and clients will WANT to come back because they will not be dwelling on their wait time while watching DIRECTV.  You will be able to keep them engaged, satisfied, and informed.

Every business should have DIRECTV!

*If you are interested in getting a DIRECTV quote, it will only take 15 seconds out of your day to do so.  Just go to and complete the form on the front of the page!

Happy DIRECTV'ing! :-)

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